How to raise your vibration

“The Secret” has been out for quite a while. And yet, so many of us are still a bit mystified by the Law of Attraction’s workings. While some concepts such as raising your vibration can be tricky to understand, let alone implement, it is not as hard as it might look from first glance.

So let’s shed some light on how to raise your vibration and attract what you want in life!

Everything is Energy and Energy is Vibration

These two statements alone can help you understand what influences the law of attraction. Let us take a look at the typical dictionary definition of energy and vibration.

  1. Energy – a source of power; the property of matter and radiation to manifest different effects, such as motion, creation, or transformation.
  2. Vibration – an oscillation or consistent motion in alternate and often opposite directions from the equilibrium or point of rest.

With these definitions of the terms energy and vibration established, we can begin to see how this can work in our favor so that we can raise our vibration. Everything is energy, right? And since energy is power that leads to different effects, then it can be manipulated. And how is it manipulated?

This is done through vibrational frequency. Vibration can either be positive or negative. Thus, a negative vibration leads to negative transmutation of energy. Positive vibration, then, leads to positive transmutation of energies. Everything, even solid matter is actually constantly vibrating. So if you can manipulate vibrations, then you can transform energy and, as an extension, the very essence of reality itself!

On the surface, it is that simple. While the nitty-gritty details are far more complex, this simple understanding is all you need to start.

Thoughts Transform Vibration

How to raise your vibration

Another point that many find as woo-woo is that just thoughts can create massive changes to the universe. Think about it: on social media, folks have created a running joke about “thoughts and prayers”. There are even memes about it. On the whole, the wider population believes just thinking about something cannot make it real.

But is that accurate? Consider this point. When you think about something, it already exists in your mind. For instance, let’s say you want coffee. Even before you actually have coffee, you already picture yourself drinking coffee. Now, you might go about preparing that coffee, pour hot water in your favorite mug, and stir before getting there. But that still started from thought.

This simple example establishes that thought influences reality. And since everything in the universe is energy and vibration, then thoughts ARE also energy and vibration.

Still having a hard time wrapping your head around this? Here’s another point that can help. Everything in your life that happened up to this point stemmed from your thoughts and manifestations, both good and bad. That’s a surprise, right? After all, who would want anything negative to happen? This is where vibrations come into play.

Your Vibration Attracts Who You Are, Not What You Want

Here is one more point to take into consideration. You do not attract what you WANT, but rather WHAT YOU ARE.

I can hear some people’s heads explode with that notion. Does this mean if you want a new car, you should think you are that car? No. You should rather vibrate in the frequency of the person who owns that car.

And you do not just pretend to be that person. You literally BECOME that person. You see, pretending is like an actor playing a role. Pretending does not make it real to your mind, particularly the subconscious. The key in becoming is programming yourself to think and feel the way that person who already has what they want.

That sounds like simplicity itself to say. But it really is that simple and straightforward. However, saying it is simple does not mean it is easy to accomplish. It takes some work to achieve this transformation. After all, if it were easy, then everyone would have done it already.

Change Your Vibration = Change Your Reality

How to raise your vibration

So if the key to manifesting through the law of attraction is your vibrational frequency, then how can you change it?

Before changing your vibrational frequency, you should first acknowledge what it presently is. Remember: the scientific method requires knowing the problem before you can discover a solution.

Try doing this. Ask yourself what you want. Let’s say for example that it’s an awesome love life with a specific person that you are looking for. Now, ask why you want it. Why do you focus on that specific person? What would be different in your life if you already have this person as your significant other? What would you feel differently than what you do now? Would you be happier? How much happier? Would you be in bliss? Now, try imagining and feeling the situation as if it is happening at this exact moment.

Try to visualize it as close to reality as possible. See it and feel it in your heart. Take note of the sensations you feel. Does your skin tingle? Do you feel warmth emanating from your chest? Is there a pressure that you feel slightly at your forehead and the crown of your skull? If you do feel this, then this is already affecting your current reality. You are already shifting your vibrational frequency to a more positive one.

Practices That Raise Vibration

The example given above is just one simulation of how shifting vibrations to a more positive frequency influences the universe. But to do this for anything, the key is consistency. The good news is there are many ways available to you to raise your vibration and attract what you want.

Here are a few best practices to give you the tools to improve your vibrational frequency:

  • Start with the Little Things – One mistake I see people trying the law of attraction to raise their vibration is to start big. But you have to consider that you have blockages and resistances to overcome. We are all raised and exposed to stimuli that affect our understanding of how things are “supposed” to work.  In order to defeat this programming, you would need to practice changing your vibrations to the point that it becomes automatic.

To get your mind and body to that level of comfort, start small. What’s a small achievement that you can practice on? How about ice cream? Do the same thing as you would with a bigger goal in mind. Imagine and visualize yourself eating your favorite ice cream. Put yourself in the mindset of enjoying it right now and feeling it. Do this once a day for about a week. Take note how just this daily practice changes your outlook.

  • Eat Healthy Food – As everything is energy and vibration, this includes the food we eat. If you have not been eating healthy food, it would be a good time to start changing that. Junk food is particularly a source of negative frequency. It might give a quick satisfaction, but it leads to unhealthy habits. There is an old adage: “you are what you eat”. So if you raise the vibration of the food you eat, it logically improves your vibration as well.
  • Breath Work – If there is anything that we all do from the very first time we come into this world, it’s breathing. Breath is essential to our lives. A person can last days without food, but only a few minutes without breathing can be fatal. Improving your breathing will raise your vibration significantly. Breathe using your diaphragm. This may take a bit of practice. Diaphragm breathing is our natural, inborn method, but this changes to the shallow nasal breathing for some reason. A good method to improve this is through Qigong breathing.
  • Affirmations – We have mentioned before that raising your vibration takes consistency. Taking it one step further by having an affirmation practice will do wonders. There are many ways to continuously affirm your intentions. One of the tried and tested methods is using a journal. Write down your affirmations and intentions. This puts your thoughts “on paper”. This act alone imposes your will on reality, creating a bridge to your manifestation. Do this once a day and you will feel the positive effects on your vibration.

Positive Vibration Leads to Positive Change

How to raise your vibration

Become the positive vibration you want your life to have and you will see the difference. Take these suggestions to heart and you will be well on your way to achieving your ultimate goals in life. See it in your mind, feel it, and realize it!

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