how to apply the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction never sleeps – the best results happen when you apply the law of attraction daily. Like developing any skill, doing manifestation exercises daily will help you become a master manifestor much sooner than if you did it only occasionally.

More focus = better results!

You will typically get really good results when you focus on making consistent and significant changes rather than doing a few rituals of dramatic manifestations and then forgetting about it for days on end.

There are a few ways you can make the law of attraction an everyday habit in a sustainable, powerful way.

Accountability Counts

Apply the law of attraction by making yourself more accountable to your daily practice. We humans tend to stick to things better once we’ve told others of our intentions, so use that to your advantage by letting others know about what you intend to do. It will make you more likely to follow through.

There are lots of ways to make yourself accountable to others.

You can find a forum to post your progress. Make daily updates on social media as well. You might even want to find a partner to be accountable with. This could help you stick to your habit when you find yourself slipping in your resolve!

Reward Yourself

Manifesting successfully is in itself is quite rewarding. Aside from reaping the natural rewards that LOA produces, increasing your vibration frequency will prove to be quite rewarding because it will simply make you feel better by putting you in a better mood every day.

You can double your rewards by creating a different reward for every item you can manifest.

For example, you were able to manifest wealth, reward yourself with a trip to the spa, or a favorite dessert. Go on a short road trip or take a day off each time you manifest and your life will get doubly better, literally.

Adjust Your Expectations

I find it’s not very hard to motivate myself to stick to a new self-care habit such as using the law of attraction, because manifestation work always feels really good!

There are, however, unseen obstacles that may get in the way of your new life changes. LOA is no exception.

You need to expect that there are going to be obstacles that will get in your way once in a while including getting the flu, having a bad mood, just not feeling like doing anything new, or a day that is just too busy.

What you can do to counteract potential setbacks is to make a list of anything you foresee happening. Next to your list, you can write down what you can do about it.

For example, if you are just feeling lazy, perhaps putting on some motivational music will get you going. The goal is to practice your manifestation skills daily and stick to the plan.

Link Your New LOA Skills To Your Other Habits

At first, the Law of Attraction can feel new and strange. If you examine it closely, however, you will find ways to connect the skills you want to learn to other activities you already do.

You can stick to your everyday habits learning your new skills using this anchoring technique. You can also opt to do affirmations daily as an alternative.

Before going to work, you can also do affirmations while looking in the mirror. The sky’s the limit as to how you want to go about connecting the new habits you want to learn to your old habits.

A Month Of Effort

Different sources will tell you different things about how long it takes to build a habit so it becomes solid.

Some sources will tell you it takes seventy days, while others tell you it only takes fourteen days. Practitioners of the law of attraction do suggest that one month is a good amount of time to commit to habit development.

You can include more than just one technique in a month. But I’d advise to simply devote a full thirty days to make one technique a habit. Don’t overdo it – build one skill at a time!

You can, for instance, commit one week per month to cultivate a new technique or new exercise or you can commit the entire thirty days to learn just one habit.

One Technique At A Time

There are many techniques for using the law of attraction and each one works in amazing ways. You will become better at using many of them as time goes on.

Because of a phenomenon called ego depletion, experts recommend mastering one particular change at a time to your daily routine.

Ego depletion is the limited capacity that human beings have for regulating themselves. It makes it harder to learn a habit when you try to do everything at once.

Look at all the law of attraction techniques and pick the one you want to start mastering. Daily affirmations or creative visualization are great choices.

These don’t depend on the previous knowledge but do great results you can see, almost immediately.

After you master one of these techniques, you can focus and move on to developing another habit to learn as part of your daily routine.

Make It Inherently Part Of Your Identity

Whether you want to create new, productive habits or simply get rid of new ones, manipulating your mental image of yourself and tweaking your self-concept or your identity to include your new LOA habits is going to help them stick.

In other words, mentally visualize yourself as already possessing the new habit.

Make your habit a part of your identity and it will seem like second nature. It becomes a part of your authentic self, your deepest self-concept.

Manifestation is about fulfilling your desires. It is easy to think of the techniques of the Law of Attraction as a separate new skill.

However, just as you don’t think about riding a bicycle or driving a car, you can make manifesting synonymous with who you are.

 A Few Minutes A Day Will Do

Those who feel like they are too busy to practice manifesting daily can take a few minutes to practice visualization and affirmation. This helps you improve your chance of acquiring the circumstances you want.

You maximize the Law of Attraction effectiveness by finding methods of constantly using them.

For instance, you can anchor visualization to waking. The moment you open your eyes, remind yourself to feel grateful. Gratitude forces you to turn into a natural magnet.

Once grateful, visualize the event of each day unfolding wonderfully. A 2-minute, simple visualization helps you see a vibrant, clear image of what you want to magnetize into your life.

See yourself as satisfied, strong, and happy. Imagine every good outcome you desire. Transform your life by seeing your goals happening. If you have an extra minute, write down your goals in a diary using the present tense.

For example, write “I live in my dream house,” rather than “I wish I lived in my dream house.” Keep repeating this phrase in your head.

Create a vision board to match your list, or draw stick figures on the next page. Both help actualize your thoughts. These few minutes a day will be extremely life-changing as you will soon see for yourself.

Talk About Intentions

To keep you on track, talking about your intentions helps. When you constantly talk about the reality you want to manifest, you will help bring it towards you.

Attracting abundance, happiness, love, and prosperity will happen faster when you act and talk as if these things have already happened. 

Words are powerful enough to crystalize perceptions that create our world. Words drive our behavior and shape our beliefs. The power that comes from our response emotionally when we hear, speak, or read them is dynamic.

 Physical matter is made up of energy and this is shaped by the words we say.

For example, simply saying the word Fire is going to elicit an extremely emotional response in any workplace or setting. (But don’t give it a try!)

Life has a flow of energy that creates the things we speak. Speaking the right words into our own lives is going to get you up into a higher place than where you are at this very moment.

Words are powerful tools that can improve our lives and uplift personal energy. Words affect personal vibrations. Spend a few minutes in a hospital emergency full of complaining people or people in pain and you will feel your energy become a little bit drained, just by standing there.

Chronic complainers at work will drain energy just with the words they speak. In contrast, listening to beautifully-written songs, poetry, or speeches uplifts your energy. The power of words cannot be emphasized enough.

Kindness Helps

Challenge yourself to rack up as many kind actions as you can as you go through your day. Give family members water to drink when they need it, cook their favorite meal. Compliment strangers, hold the door open, or volunteer to do something they need.

Spreading positive energy will make you more attractive to your wants. Make the extra effort to comment on the progress of your colleagues or workmates.

Spreading positivity gives you a higher frequency energetically. High energy equals greater magnetism. That’s the perfect fuel for the law of attraction to work for you!

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