How to Manifest Anything Into Your Life

The law of attraction specifically states that you can manifest the life you want by directing your energy and vibrational frequency towards your desire. We may not realize it, but our thoughts, our energy and our vibration dictates so much of the outcome of our lives. When we focus on the things that can go bad in our lives, we unintentionally sabotage achieving the life ...

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Manifestation Magic Review: Does Alexander Wilson’s Program Really Work?

Imagine going to sleep one day, and waking up the next day to discover that everything you’ve always wanted has become your new reality! The best part? You haven’t done anything except for ONE thing… You listened to sound frequencies as you slept. Amazing, right?Well, that’s what Manifestation Magic promises… but it is really legit? Can you really change your life just by listening to ...

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How to get someone out of your head and move on from bad relationship

Break-ups are often nasty and it can take a long time to get someone you were dating off your mind. If you had dated each other for a while and created memories together, that can make it even harder to just forget about them immediately! The good news is it’s possible to move on from a toxic relationship and completely get the person out of ...

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What Does Seeing Numbers Repeatedly Mean?

Have you ever wondered what seeing numbers repeatedly means? Do you often notice the same time on the clock, or during your daily commute? If you feel like certain numbers are “hunting” you lately, perhaps they are trying to tell you something that you may not be aware of. The symbolic meaning of numbers is something that is widely believed and practiced in the fields ...

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20 Law of Attraction Books to Read in 2020

The universe is mysterious and how one person perceives it will be slightly different than another. In the same way, while the Law of Attraction is universal in principle, how it is approached and applied varies.   The basics are the same for everyone. After all, IT IS ALL ENERGY. But because every person has unique experiences and perspectives, the applications will differ. This is ...

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How to Love Yourself Again

Do you ever feel like you don’t like who you’ve become? Have you ever felt that you deserved the mess that you think your life is in? Did you feel ashamed at doing the wrong thing? If you ever find it hard to love yourself, you are not alone. Sometimes it just seems like loving yourself is the hardest thing to do. Especially because modern ...

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