5 Bedtime Meditations for a Good Night’s Rest

Getting ready to turn in for the day and travel to Never-Never Land? But you find yourself either looking at the ceiling, trying to find the pixie dust or counting sheep? Maybe you feel the urge to sit or stand back up? Having difficulties with sleeping is not uncommon. And no, it’s not only due to chronic insomnia. These sleeping problems can have many reasons. ...

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How to Use a Manifestation Journal

In your journey with the Law of Attraction, you will most likely have heard about using a manifestation journal. It is a very common, but powerful, tool for manifesting. In our very busy and tech-oriented world, something as simple as writing down your thoughts with a pen and paper is considered a quaint practice. But it is a very effective manifestation method. And today, we ...

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5 steps to Raise your Vibration to attract what you want in 2021

“The Secret” has been out for quite a while. And yet, so many of us are still a bit mystified by the Law of Attraction’s workings. While some concepts such as raising your vibration can be tricky to understand, let alone implement, it is not as hard as it might look from first glance. So let’s shed some light on how to raise your vibration ...

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How to transform your life in 30 days

30 days is not a long time at all. It is the average length of a month, give or take a day, depending on the time of year. 30 days will come and go before you even realize it. And yet, it seems like a lot of time when you are working on something, as in the case of improving yourself. Why is there a ...

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How to Manifest Love with Your Soul Mate

Whenever the discussion of the Law of Attraction comes up, two central topics come up. These are money and love. It never fails that either or both will have the most attention. People who are new to the idea of using the Law of Attraction want to get answers about these two points. It is interesting to note that while money matters occur more often ...

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What is the Universal Law of Attraction?

Over the past 15 to 20 years, there has been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction. From books to online resources, more and more people are becoming aware of the principles behind it. Could it be that people are simply looking for an answer to their goals? Or is it possible that mankind is experiencing the “awakening” that has been mentioned in ...

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