how to get rid of toxic friends

How to Get Rid of Toxic Friends

We have all met people that are manipulative, try to put themselves above you, deceive you, humiliate you, and hurt your feelings. They can do it openly, or in secret. In that case, it is called “hidden enmity”. Those people are commonly known as “toxic people”. Maybe you know someone who is toxic yourself? There’s […]

How to Love Yourself Again

Do you ever feel like you don’t like who you’ve become? Have you ever felt that you deserved the mess that you think your life is in? Did you feel ashamed at doing the wrong thing? If you ever find it hard to love yourself, you are not alone. Sometimes it just seems like loving […]

What is Numerology?

Have you ever kept waking up at night at the same time? Or noticed that certain numbers keep popping up in your life… but you don’t know why? There’s actually more going on than you might think. The study of numbers and their meanings can show you about yourself, your life, and your destiny. So […]

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