Do you ever feel like you don’t like who you’ve become?

Have you ever felt that you deserved the mess that you think your life is in?

Did you feel ashamed at doing the wrong thing?

If you ever find it hard to love yourself, you are not alone. Sometimes it just seems like loving yourself is the hardest thing to do. Especially because modern life puts so much pressure on us to be perfect and never make mistakes… it can be really hard to keep up with what we think we should be.

But nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. And everybody deserves to feel loved.

Yes, especially you!

If you’re feeling down on yourself, it’s time to learn how to love yourself again.

No matter how hard on yourself you are, it’s important to try and connect with your own self-love. This is especially true for manifesting using the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction affects all areas in our lives, especially with how our emotions power our manifestations. So if you feel down on yourself, you will no doubt be manifesting it inside and outside.

But there is good news. If you’ve been feeling  terrible on the inside, and are wondering how you can ever love yourself again, there is a way to set yourself back on track in manifesting the life you want to live. Read on and discover how the Law of Attraction can show you how to love yourself again.

how to love yourself again

But First, Let’s Understand Why You Don’t Love Yourself

Before rediscovering how to love yourself again, we should first understand why you stopped in the first place. Moving forward is not possible if you do not know where the problem began.

Think about the circumstances that led you to not love yourself, or even hate yourself in extreme cases. Look inward and examine your past, both in the short and the long terms.

Where and when was it that you started to lose that feeling of joy and acceptance for who you are?

Was there a particular incident that caused you to lose your sense of self-love?

Perhaps it is family or peer pressure?

Have you put the blame on a jilted lover or significant other?

Or maybe the cause in your mind is just life and society, in general.

However, this is contrary to one of the principles of the Law of Attraction which is this:


It is therefore, our responsibility to own our lack of love for ourselves in that situation.

If you’ve lost your ability to love yourself, there is nobody who can ‘fix’ this situation but YOU.

Owning your responsibility within this situation isn’t always easy. But it is important.

Once you make yourself accountable for your own feelings, you will be able to figure out why your current situation started… and how you can walk the path to loving yourself again.

The Answer to Loving Yourself Again: Ho’oponopono

There is an ancient practice native to Hawaii. It is called Ho’oponopono (I know, it’s a mouthful). Many Law of Attraction practitioners have used the ritual practice of Ho’oponopono as a focusing tool to re-energize their love for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Now, traditional ritual practice of Ho’oponopono is not necessary. By that, we mean you do not have to have an elder Hawaiian mystical healer performing a ceremony. At its core, Ho’oponopono can be done by saying and following a simple mantra, as follows:

“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you”

Yes, these are just four short sentences. However, each one of these sentences is a powerful statement that you are directing to yourself.

You are declaring your love for yourself. You are accepting responsibility for your failure in loving yourself.

And then, you ask forgiveness for whatever negative emotions you have brought on yourself. Finally, you thank yourself for helping you to discover how to love yourself again.

As you say these words, remember to inject the appropriate feelings that each sentence intends to impart.

The Law of Attraction has a principle of “speaking it into being”. Ho’oponopono’s mantra accomplishes this in simple, yet powerful terms that your subconscious and higher self recognizes easily. Make it happen!

You will feel the effects almost immediately.

self love

Show Your Love for Yourself

Now, it is one thing to speak the words of forgiveness, gratitude, and love. It is quite another to actually show it. Another key element of the Law of Attraction is setting the intention and reinforcing it with small manifestations. Again, we go back to attracting not what we want, but who we are.

Visualize how you would treat yourself as if you deserved all the joy and love in the world. The little things lead us to the bigger things.

What can you do to show yourself appreciation?

Well, you can start by congratulating yourself for getting to this point and learning new things. After all, you would never have gotten this far without you.

Meditation and prayer of gratitude are great ways to start. Meditation has physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. It calms yourself, allowing you to be in the moment. Connect with your higher self through meditation and you are well on your way to loving yourself again.

Another way of showing your love for yourself is by treating yourself. If you love ice cream but you have been denying it from your body, go out and buy some! Maybe you wanted a day at the spa? Go for it! Always wanted to spend a weekend at the beach? Go ahead! Little things that reaffirm your intentions coalesces the positive energies that ultimately power your manifestations.

Whatever the reason that you used to convince yourself that you did not deserve these treats, they no longer exist. Your higher self wants you to know that you are loved and you absolutely deserve the best things in life!

love yourself

Your Higher Self Loves You… YOU SHOULD, TOO

You are a divine and infinite being. You are a part of the creative force of limitless cosmic energies. The very atoms that comprise your physical existence are the same ones that the stars are made of.

Whether you acknowledge this creative force as God, the Universe, or simply as Energy, it is the power that created you to become the unique being that you are at this very moment.

Think about it: the odds of you becoming this person you see in the mirror are astronomical… a miracle, you might say. And if you are a miracle, then you definitely deserve all the love you can give yourself! Never lose sight of that!

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