how to manifest anything

The law of attraction specifically states that you can manifest the life you want by directing your energy and vibrational frequency towards your desire.

We may not realize it, but our thoughts, our energy and our vibration dictates so much of the outcome of our lives. When we focus on the things that can go bad in our lives, we unintentionally sabotage achieving the life we aspire for.

The reason for this is that this causes a negative frequency from you, which reduces the probability of you achieving your wants and desires. However, by choosing to have a higher frequency, you can start manifesting the life you desire.

Let’s look at how to manifest anything into your life.

how to manifest anything

How does manifestation work?

As mentioned above, your thoughts and your energy determine what your life is going to be. When you constantly drown yourself with negativity and self-pity, you’re leading yourself further away from your desired life.

The more you dwell on your negative energy and thoughts, the more your desires won’t become a reality, and that’s what the law of attraction is all about.

Have you ever noticed the more you focus on what you lack, the more you lose motivation in doing your best in life? The same principle applies in manifesting what you want. When you put all your energy towards your goal, your actions will align towards those goal-focused thoughts, which is why you’ll most likely achieve your goals.

For instance, you want to become a writer and it’s always been your dream job. If you incline your thoughts towards that particular goal, what will most likely happen is you do everything to make that into a reality, whether it’s taking writing classes or submitting your writing pieces online.

Manifestation as a spiritual practice

The law of attraction, for some, can be a spiritual practice. Just like with your individual beliefs and practices, you can do the same in manifesting your beliefs and desires.

With your spiritual beliefs, you center your values, your habits and your behaviors towards that practice and you can do the same with the law of attraction. If you center your entire life based on the belief that you’re going to achieve everything you could possibly desire, then that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

This means that your habits and your behaviors should have a positive intention and motivation towards them, and this means avoiding self-destructive and unhealthy habits and behaviors in the process.

The law of attraction is more than just a concept as it can be a spiritual practice. In fact, when you turn it into a spiritual practice, the more things are going to be in your favor.

How do you manifest what you want?

Step 1: Be clear on what you want

In order to manifest what it is you truly want, the first step is knowing what you want. You can’t be vague in what what you want since how can you expect to get your desired results, if you don’t know what exactly you want for yourself?

Living a happy or successful life is an example of a vague goal, because everyone has different definitions of what happy and successful are. What makes one person happy, doesn’t go the same for the other person.

In using the law of attraction to manifest your desires, be specific in knowing what you want. In all of your aspects, whether relationships, career, family or your other aspects, you need to be specific in your intention.

Step 2: Get rid of negative beliefs that stand in your way

One of the most common beliefs that we tend to have for ourselves is that we can’t do it. As said above, our thoughts and our energy determine the outcome of our lives.

The more we focus that we’re unable to do something, the more likely it isn’t going to happen.

Our negative thoughts and beliefs on ourselves have more power than you realize. When you undermine your own abilities and focus on thoughts that aren’t going to motivate you, this leads you farther away from your potential.

We tend to dwell more on negativity rather than positivity, after all. By removing your tendency to think self-destructive thoughts, you’re one step closer in achieving what you want.

law of attraction

Step 3: Visualize what you want to manifest

When you have clarity on what it is you truly want, then you can start visualizing it. At this point, you have a clear picture of what you want your life to be and that’s exactly how you should picture it in your head.

Visualize that you wake up and you’re living your ideal life, and you got everything you could ever want for yourself.

Visualize that you have the career you always wanted and you got the relationships and friendships you’ve always wanted to have.

Visualize that you are completely content with your life as you have achieved everything you aspire for.

Step 4: Take action to manifest what you want

Once you’ve finished visualizing what it is you truly want, then the next step means putting into action what you’ve visualized.

It isn’t enough to simply have the right energy and thoughts to manifest the life you want but rather, you need to put it into action. When you have goal-focused thoughts, the tendency is you put those thoughts into action.

Visualization in itself isn’t enough but you need to take precise steps to make your goals into reality. In the instance above, let’s say you want to become a writer.

To take action to manifesting this, you need to be determined and driven to become this. Action steps include having a writing habit everyday, taking writing courses or doing necessary steps to write that book you’ve always wanted to write.

Step 5: Recognize and Appreciate

Once you’re taking action towards manifesting the life you want, the best thing to do is recognize and appreciate your efforts, even if it is just a small step.

This means that the law of attraction is working miraculously in your life and you’re one step close to getting the life you desire.

You should always recognize and appreciate even the small changes in your life, since these changes motivate you even more and give you determination to keep going.

One action step isn’t enough but it has to be a continuous effort. By recognizing and appreciating this, you keep going until you finally manifest the life you want.


Step 6: Keep your vibration high

According to the law of attraction, your vibration determines everything about how your life will turn out.

If you just accept your life as it is and refuse to change certain thoughts and behaviors towards the better, this gives you a lower frequency.

By dwelling on your fearful and anxious thoughts, this gives power on those negative thoughts and it won’t help you to manifest the life you want.

Negative thoughts and emotions only have power when you give them enough power. On the other hand, if you choose to focus on positive thoughts, this gives you a higher frequency.

If you choose to believe that you’re capable and you deserve to reach your goals, the higher your frequency will be and the more you’ll be able to manifest your desires.

Step 7: Journal the positive things

Journaling is one of the effective things that you can do, and having a journal that focuses on positivity and gratefulness helps train your mind to dwell on the positivity rather than the negativity.

By writing down the positive things that are happening in your life, the things you’re grateful for on a daily basis, you’re teaching your mind to notice the things you already have, rather than on the things you life. This also helps maintain and increase your frequency towards your ideal life.

Journaling is also effective in writing down affirmations, to write down your goals and write down the mindsets that you’re supposed to focus on. In moments of doubt, journaling helps you counter the negative and self-destructive thoughts you may have that will reduce your frequency.

How long does it take?

The time frame for the law of attraction to work in your life varies depending on the steps you take and on your frequency. It takes some people to manifest much longer as there are some people inclined towards negative thoughts.

Normally, it’s optimistic, enthusiastic and driven people who manifest much faster. It also depends on how determined you are in turning your goals into your reality. As mentioned above, action speaks louder than words.

In conclusion, above are the steps to take to manifest the life you desire. As simple as it may seem, the law of attraction is far more complex than what meets the eye.

It isn’t just a concept or a belief, but it can be a way of life if you choose to. By integrating the law of attraction, you’ll end up manifesting your ideal life for yourself.

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