how to manifest love

Whenever the discussion of the Law of Attraction comes up, two central topics come up. These are money and love. It never fails that either or both will have the most attention.

People who are new to the idea of using the Law of Attraction want to get answers about these two points. It is interesting to note that while money matters occur more often (by a short margin), manifesting love draw more intense reactions. Specifically, people want to know how to manifest love with your soulmate.

The good news is it is more than just do-able. The Law of Attraction works on many levels of reality. Manifesting to meet your soulmate and create a lasting love is just one of them.

how to manifest love

Who is Your Soul Mate?

Before going into the actual method and steps of manifesting your soul mate, firs you must ensure that you have the right idea about what a soul mate is.

One point about this that you might find surprising is that a person can have more than one soul mate. While it is a fancy notion to think that you are created with only one absolute soul mate in this world, the truth is far from that. You can have multiple soul mates, even in one lifetime!

All of us are connected by the divine energy that is present in all things. Whether you refer to that creative force as God, the Universe, the Creator Energy, it matters not. The important thing is to understand that at the highest level of consciousness, we are all one.

Now, given this fact, is it more likely that there is only one counterpart with whom we find a strong connection to? Or is it more likely that our spirits could connect with multiple others, i.e. our soul mates? In understanding this, you can begin to see patterns and potentiality in manifesting the love of your life.

This also circumvents the possible pitfalls of being obsessed with a previous relationship. While your ex may certainly be a soul mate, it is equally as likely that they are not. This is particularly important if you had a toxic relationship before which may not be for the best of you both.

Why Do You Want to Manifest a Soul Mate?

Now that you have a grasp of the unlimited potential in manifesting a soul mate, you should move to determining your motivation. Put it simply, why do you seek to have a soul mate in your life?

This might seem like an easy question to answer, but its importance cannot be discounted. If you are seeking a soul mate simply to have someone to love you, that is a selfish motivation.

If you came from a failed relationship and are just seeking a replacement, that is also selfish. Selfishness is a low frequency energy. And as the Law of Attraction teaches, low frequency energies attracts like energy.

However, if you have a more altruistic goal, then that comes from a higher frequency. In essence, this will determine if you are ready for your soul mate to manifest in your life.

Remember: nothing good comes to you unless you are ready for it. So in order to make room for your soul mate to come into your life, you must first be worthy of him or her.

How do you do this? Think of your positive characteristics. What makes you an ideal lover? What makes you an ideal person to begin a lasting relationship with? Again, the basic principle of “like attracts like” is the key factor here.

manifesting love with your soulmate

Love Thy Self

Perhaps you did ask those questions about the characteristics that make you a good person to have a relationship with. And yet, did you feel that you weren’t getting the answers you wanted to hear from yourself? If that is the case, then you have to change your mind about yourself.

Another important aspect of effective manifestation is how your subconscious perceives yourself. If you do not honestly feel that you are worthy of being loved by a soul mate, this line of thinking must change. For if you cannot love yourself, how can you expect someone else to do so?

The truth of the matter is YOU ARE PERFECT. YOU ARE WORTHY. Focus on the positive aspects of you as a person, as a friend, and as a lover. Find the reasons within you, the characteristics that make you worthy of being loved. Listing and writing these down will help with solidifying these reasons for your subconscious mind’s benefit.

Once you find these reasons, declare how much you love yourself. Do not think that this is odd. Whether you do this verbally or mentally, it’s important to do it with conviction. Believe it in your heart and spirit.

Affirmations and Visualization

Once you have determined your reasons and are comfortable with the notion that you are ready to welcome your soul mate, then it is time to make it so. Affirm why you are a great lover. Using positive affirmations facilitate this. Here are a few examples:

  • I am worthy of being loved.
  • I am a great person that deserves to be loved wholeheartedly.
  • My love provides a wonderful home for my soul mate to manifest in.
  • My personality attracts the best loving soul mate into my life.

Read more about self love affirmations here.

Along with using affirmations, visualize your desired relationship with your soul mate. The Law of Attraction teaches us that our mind can be programmed to manifest our thoughts.

After all, reality begins with our perception of what it is. As we can create and manipulate reality, our imagination serves as our vehicle to accomplish our desires.

With this in mind, allow yourself to imagine what your life would be like if you and your soul mate were together. What are the things you would be doing? Where would you spend your time? How would you feel during those times? This last bit is especially important as emotion powers your visualizations.

Believe It as Already Come to Pass

The final element in manifesting your soul mate is very important. And that is having the belief that it has already happened for you. The last thing you would want is for self-doubt to create blockages. Do not doubt the process.

Remember, you are already manifesting constantly. It is simply a matter of making sure want you desire is what you are manifesting. Believe that this gift of a soul mate has already been given to you.

It is simply a matter of time for it to manifest in your 3-dimensional reality. Rejoice and feel the delight in your heart and spirit that your soul mate is on their way!

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