how to raise your vibrational frequency

Have you ever wondered what your vibrational frequency is? Well, let us begin with a simple universal truth: Everything in reality is energy.

Yes, everything! People, animals, even plants… we are all energetic beings. We all emit, produce, and consume energy.

In fact, everything in our entire existence is part of the electromatic force, which is one of the four fundamental forces in nature. And because we’re energetic beings, we all have a vibrational frequency.

Without going into a detailed physics discussion, let me tell you this…

Everything in our universe is electrically charged, and this charge dictates how things react with other elements in the universe. In short, the rate at which vibrations occur between atoms, photons, and every other building block of life dictates how it behaves.

For teeny tiny elements such as protons and neutrons, differences in vibrational frequency can alter their very makeup, causing them to actually change form in response to the vibrational charges around them.

On a larger scale, we humans are also influenced by our vibrational frequency. Humans have an optimal frequency at which our body operates as it is meant to (most sources believe it’s 62-70 MHz). When we operate at a lower frequency, negative feelings trapped emotions in our muscles create disharmony within our bodies… affecting our emotional and physical health.

But the hidden truth is that raising your vibrational frequency builds your mastery of reality.

Let’s discover how to raise your vibrational frequency, so you start feeling better body, mind and soul.

how to raise your vibrational frequency

5 ways to raise your vibrational frequency

There are many ways of raising a person’s vibrational frequency, but not every method can be applied with the same ease as another. This is because we are all different, and so some methods might not work as well for some as for others.

For instance, everyone has a unique upbringing and therefore, different levels of emotional blockages and resistances. That’s why it’s important to try these methods with an open heart, and take the time to find which methods work best for you.

With that out of the way, let us look into the most powerful, yet simple, ways to raise your vibrational frequency:

Close your eyes

This seems so crazy in its simplicity, but closing our eyes is actually a very powerful way to raise our vibrational frequency.

The eyes are the “window to the soul”, as they say. There is truth to this. This is because the eyes are the sensory organs that receive the most information from the world around us.

It stands to reason, then, that our vision can also interrupt our vibrational frequency by ‘busying’ our mind.

Think about it. Have you ever practiced mindfulness? Have you closed your eyes, and suddenly all your other senses become more alive? By closing your eyes, even for just a second, you can ease the interruptions to your thoughts. And with this comes the opportunity focus. With focus, comes clarity.

And with clarity comes a higher vibrational frequency.

Close your eyes when you seek to raise your vibrational frequency… just don’t do it when you’re walking or driving, ok?


You may think I’m joking: I’m not.

Although we all breathe day in, day out… we rarely breathe with purpose. It’s been proven that different breathing patterns actually have a measurable effect on our physiology. For instance, deep breathing can help lower our heart rate.

Besides, breathing is essential to every living thing on the planet. When we feel strong emotions, our breath reflects these. Case in point: if you feel angry, your breath is more forceful and regular; on the other hand, if you feel sad, you will breathe deep and then give an audible sigh.

With that in mind, you can raise your personal vibrational frequency by consciously breathing while visualizing with positive thoughts. Breathing in as you visualize good memories or form happy possibilities of potential futures heighten your positive emotions, raising the vibration of your divine self. This is why it is recommended to practice Yogic breathing techniques. These techniques were created long ago for a reason.

Spend some time each day consciously breathing in positive energy and breathing out negative energy. You’ll soon feel more positive, empowered, and alive.

dreaming to raise your vibrational frequency


Happiness is an emotion that belongs in the higher vibrational plane. By feeling happiness and joy, you can raise your personal vibrational frequency. One of the simplest ways people can feel happiness is by daydreaming. Now you might think “daydreaming is for children”. This is not true! There is a sense of awe that can only be reached in daydreaming. Even in the Bible, Jesus speaks of becoming like little children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

So forget what you might have been told about daydreaming being the realm only for kids to explore. Daydreaming about what you want to manifest in your life, no matter how impossible it seems, can fill your heart and spirit with joy. As a result, this raises your energetic vibration.

As Napoleon Hill, author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (and pretty much the father of modern Law of Attraction application) wrote in that same book, “Dreams are the seedlings of reality.”

Practice gratitude

Expressing gratitude when there is an opportunity to do so is one of the most effective ways of raising your vibration. Genuinely having the feeling of earnest gratitude warms the heart. There is a sense of elation that comes from gratefulness. This feeds into the divinity within you.

You do not have to find a monumental reason to be grateful. Finding reasons to be thankful for the simple blessings and pleasures in life is often enough. Thanking God (or the Universe, Source, or whatever word you use to address the creative force that affects us all) for the sunshine, the blue sky, the water you drink, or anything at all. It takes only a moment to express this gratitude, but it can greatly influence and give way to increasing your vibrational frequency.

Plus, practicing gratitude daily opens your heart and mind to more of the beautiful things in our lives! And who doesn’t want to experience beauty and love every day?


It may seem like each of the previously mentioned ways to raise your vibrational frequency has lead deliberately to another. This is not coincidental. After all, everything is connected. And thus, we come to one of the most powerful, yet simple methods of raising your spirit’s vibration: Meditation.

Meditation is the culmination of each of the prior ways detailed and discussed on how to raise your vibrational frequency. Closing your eyes, breathing in positivity and breathing out negativity, dreaming of positive thoughts, and coming from a place of gratitude; all of these are incorporated in the practice of meditation. This is why every culture’s enlightened men and women in history all subscribe to the spiritual power that can be achieved through meditation.

By meditating, one can calm the mind and open their chakras to be bathed in the divine energies. Done properly, meditation can clear the unwanted negative energy and allow the positive energy to enter the mind, heart, and spirit. There are very few ways that can achieve raising vibrational frequency as time spent meditating.

I am willing to wager that a 10 minute meditative state will raise your vibration far more than 1 hour of exercising or 1 hour of playing games!

There is also some evidence that meditation changes our brains – for the better of course!

meditate to raise your vibrational frequency

Raising your vibration benefits all

The conscious act of raising your personal vibrational frequency affects not just yourself, but other living entities around you too.

After all, we all emit energy, and this energy effects living things around us. Think of a time when someone around you was in a terrible mood. It made you feel kind of down too, didn’t it?

Or what about the multiple experiments that have found plants thrive when spoken to nicely (and what happens to them when bullied breaks my heart)?

Each one of us needs to recognize that operating in a heightened vibrational frequency is not only good for our own physical and emotional wellbeing, but it’s good for others around us too.

Whether you achieve your raised vibrational state through closing your eyes, proper breathing, daydreaming, sending out feelings of gratitude, or fully meditating to communicate with your higher self, raising your vibrations touches all of creation. As all things are connected, a single person accomplishes wonders by attuning to a higher vibration, cascading these energies to the all.

Be of good cheer and raise your vibrations at every opportunity that you can get. Blessings and miracles touch the lives of everyone who reads this. Namaste.

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