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30 days is not a long time at all. It is the average length of a month, give or take a day, depending on the time of year. 30 days will come and go before you even realize it. And yet, it seems like a lot of time when you are working on something, as in the case of improving yourself.

Why is there a sort of disconnect with the flow of time in relation to this? Consider this. When the New Year is approaching, why is it people do not act on their RESOLUTIONS immediately? Why wait until the actual date or past the 1st of January to act? And yet, often times, it would not be acted on at all?

Procrastination can affect anyone. However, there is good news. It is one affliction that is completely rooted on the choice a person makes. Therefore, it is an aspect of a person’s attitude and perception that the Law of Attraction can influence, if one truly wishes to.

Read on to discover how to transform your life in 30 days!

Do you want to affect LASTING and PERMANENT POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION in your life?

Then consider following these steps. Regardless of the change you would like to take effect, these steps will help you accomplish it and more.

Step 1: Determine the Goal

how to transform your life

There is an adage that you cannot solve something if you do not know what it is. This is a very simple principle. Even math solutions have to start with what the numbers are that need to be calculated.

What is the transformation that you want to happen in 30 days? Is it a physical transformation? Or perhaps it is a social one? Do you want an improvement to your relationship? Do you seek to increase your income? By having a definite goal, your transformation is that much easier to bring into reality.

Step 2: Speak the Transformation Into Being

transform your life in 30 days

Based on the principles of the Law of Attraction, the mere fact that you can put your transformational goals into words is already a big step in making it happen. Remember that everything is energy. This includes thought. And everything begins with thought.

We are all pure, divine beings made up of the very same energy that the stars are. Everything in our world, our universe, began with the thought of the Creator Source. Even in the Holy Bible, God begins with saying “Let there Be Light”.

Thus, the next step after determining your goal is speaking it into being. If you want to achieve a physical transformation, perhaps reducing your body fat, then say “I am happy my body fat is reduced in 30 days”.

Note how the wording is in gratitude, but also in the present tense. This is key to making it happen, as it meets another aspect of the Law of Attraction which is living “as if”. This helps in defeating the programming that creates blockages.

Step 3: Charge it with Emotion

The Law of Attraction dictates that manifestation is powered by emotions. Without the emotional connection, simply visualizing and speaking your goals is just that.

With that said, in order to accomplish the transformation you want to accomplish in 30 days, you must define the feeling you would have once it happens. For example, if you get that raise to your salary that you are aiming for, how would you feel if it happened at this moment? Would you be happy? If so, how different is this happiness from anything else good that could happen? Again, we reiterate the importance of being specific.

As you follow the further progression of these steps to transform your life, always remember this key element. Charge your goal with positive emotions!

Step 4: Journaling

Now, we are truly getting more into realizing your transformational goals in 30 days. Why is journaling important? This is because you are moving from the mental and emotional content, to putting it into a tangible focus. Having a journal gives you something you can touch and see to further defeat the blockages in your subconscious.

Another purpose of using a journal is listing down your priorities. What steps can you take to accomplish your 30 day transformation? What can you do today? What will you do tomorrow? These are helpful questions and the answers will give you focus.

The subconscious is a creature of habit. Thus, it responds more readily to attempts of transforming yourself through a journal. Write down your goal. Write down your appreciation. And write down your emotion. This gives you a record that you can go back to. This accomplishes another factor that is key to manifestation: REPETITION.

Make it a daily habit to write down on your journal. Whether it’s reaffirming your goal or tracking your small progresses in reaching that goal, the transformation becomes one step closer.

Step 5: Detach Yourself

This is probably the most difficult part of the process. You have to detach yourself from the outcome. This means you have to be able to separate yourself from obsessing with the results.

That sounds simple enough, but this is where more people trying to use the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires often fail at.

Once you have done all the prior steps, learn to “walk away”. For instance, if you have done your workout to reduce your body fat and recorded it in your journal, forget about it for the rest of the day. Do something else. If you have chores that you usually do, then do them as you would on any ordinary day.

Detachment allows your subconscious to work with the universe in filling out the details. This requires faith and trust, both in your higher self and in the divine creative force that connects everything. Think of this stage in relation to the previous steps in the same way a gardener has planted the seeds that are allowing them to germinate.

Transforming Your Life in 30 Days? YES, YOU CAN!

If there is one thing you must take away from all these steps, is to foster your belief. Belief is the key to transforming your life. Whether you determine it to be in 30 days or not, you must believe in the possibility. That is where it starts and that is what will carry you through to its ultimate achievement!

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