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In your journey with the Law of Attraction, you will most likely have heard about using a manifestation journal.

It is a very common, but powerful, tool for manifesting. In our very busy and tech-oriented world, something as simple as writing down your thoughts with a pen and paper is considered a quaint practice.

But it is a very effective manifestation method.

And today, we will look at how you can make using a manifestation journal work to achieve your dreams and goals!

What Exactly is a Manifestation Journal?

manifestation journal

Have you ever written down a list of groceries that you are going to buy?

That’s effectively a manifestation journal in its simplest form!

Why? Consider this.

When you write down that list of groceries, you are projecting what you want to acquire.

More often than not, you give thought as to why you include a couple of loaves of bread or ingredients for your pasta recipe in that list.

Sometimes it’s automatic and sometimes circumstances dictate what you include. The point here is that you jot down that list with deliberate intention.

And that, my friends, is what a manifestation journal is. It is you projecting your dreams and goals onto a medium such as a notebook.

A manifestation journal provides you with an implement that makes the intention attain a link to reality through your writing.

But you might be thinking this is so simple, why haven’t others thought about it? Who says they haven’t? Recall how the most famous and successful Law of Attraction figures share their thoughts through printed books.

Would Neville Goddard have attained the same level of success if he had not taken notes and wrote books regarding his discoveries into visualization?

Going even further, would works of masters of thought like Socrates and Plato be as renowned today without writing their thoughts down? We take writing for granted, but it is a practical way of imposing our will to change our realities.

What sets a manifestation journal apart from something like a diary is that you write on it not just to record, but to recreate your current reality.

Why Does a Manifestation Journal Work?

As is often noted when discussing about manifestation, the key to success is rooted in the subconscious.

True manifestation occurs when the conscious and subconscious mind are in harmony. However, the conscious mind knows what it wants the moment it is conceived.

On the other hand, the subconscious takes a bit of convincing. The amount of social conditioning regarding what is possible and not can be extensive. In order to defeat this conditioning, practice and repetition is necessary. And as a study done by Cambridge University reflects, this is supported by science!

The method you use can take on different forms. Some are very comfortable with visualization. Others use repeating mantras, meditation, prayers, and similar practices.

A manifestation journal is just another tool that you can choose to use. The great thing about using a manifestation journal is it is something everyone knows how to do.

Writing down your thoughts creates a connection between your intention and the energetic frequency that makes it happen. Remember: you attract not what you want, but what you are.

Putting your ideas on paper makes it “real”. It is a tactile existence that your subconscious understands. Do it enough times and the subconscious will not be able to tell the difference between the idea and the actual reality of it.

In a way, you are already imposing your authority of the divine self into creating the reality that you want.

How Do You Start Creating a Manifestation Journal?

Are you intrigued and ready to try creating a manifestation journal? One of the most used Ancient Greek phrase is this: Know Thyself.

In this case, once you start creating a manifestation journal, you have to know that you will be sticking to it. Consistency and regularity are important for a manifestation journal to work.

Once you have that dedication to the practice down pat, all you need is a pen and a notebook. You can use any plain notebook, but if you want to use a special one that you want to personalize, go for it!

The more you connect with it as being important, the more your subconscious aligns with the positive energies in association with it.

Some ways you can personalize it is by putting pictures on the cover. It can be things that make you happy, or things you want to happen. In a way, you can craft it like a mini vision board. This alone will charge it with positive energies.

When you have your manifestation journal ready, determine a time of day when you would write on it. You can, of course, write on it whenever you fancy.

But setting a specific time conditions your subconscious to do it (and like we mentioned, consistency is key to success with the Law of Attraction).

A good choice would be when you wake up. This helps you align with the positive energies as early as possible, which will give you a positive outlook during the rest of the day.

Another option would be at the end of the day, just before you go to sleep. This is another point in time where drawing the positive energies can be at its most powerful.

After writing down on your manifestation journal, the thoughts would be locked in your psyche. As a result, your subconscious will be thinking about what you wrote down as you go to sleep. As your mind shifts from the Alpha to the Theta waves, the ideas you formed solidifies into reality.

Eventually, you will get more and more comfortable with writing on your manifestation journal. In time, it will be automatic and second nature. You might even find yourself writing down on it in the morning and in the evening.

What Should I Write On a Manifestation Journal?

Before writing down anything on your manifestation journal, make sure to do these steps first:

  • Calm Your Mind – This is an important step. Chaos can cloud your thoughts, which does not help your manifestation. This is especially important if you are writing at the end of the day. You might have a lot on your mind from the daily activities or the stresses from work and such. Take a few deep breaths and think happy thoughts.
  • Visualize Your Intention – What do you want? Do you want a career upgrade? Do you want to travel to a place you have been dreaming of for a while? Perhaps you wish for a new relationship? Whatever your intentions are, picture it in your mind as if it is already occurring. Feel the emotion you connect with this reality.
  • Write Down Your Intention – Now, write down what you saw in your mind’s eye. The emotion you felt during the visualization should also be the same as you write them down. Another important point is to write them in the present tense. Again, you have to make it as real as possible. Because it is! What you write down is your reality.
  • Gratitude – The feeling of gratitude after writing on your manifestation journal is the exclamation point to the statement you are making. It is your will imposing on the universe, while also thanking the Creator Force that is both within you and without. Express love and gratefulness, to yourself and to everything that is happening in your favor.
  • Let it Settle – This is an important step that can be easily neglected. What this means is letting your intentions go. Don’t obsess about it by thinking “where is it?” or “this is silly”. Doing these things will just break the alignment you just formed. Once you have written your intentions on the manifestation journal, let it go. You have started the wheels turning. Let the universe doe the rest.

And that is pretty much it! Repeat this practice of journaling as often as it is comfortable. But do not ever feel you are forced to do so. That is a negative frequency, which your subconscious should not connote with using a manifestation journal.

Keep Going!

I need to reiterate. Know that and believe it. Don’t waste the positive foundation once you have started with using a manifestation journal. Continuity and progress will ultimately reward you. Make it a fun and happy experience that you look forward to. You will be surprised at how successful manifestation journal can be!

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