how to manifest money into your life

Money. We all want it. We all need it.

In our world, money is the primary means of exchange. But while money is certainly a necessity in life, it’s not always that easy to come by.

For those who practice the Law of Attraction, money manifestations can bring amazing results. That being said, some people still find it difficult to manifest money into their lives.  

Why is this so? Perhaps there is some missing element during visualization that causes some people to encounter blockages in their manifestation practice?

The truth is that money can come easily to anyone. The key ingredients for manifesting money into our lives are within us all.

With the five key mindset shifts you’ll discover in this article, you’ll be on the fast track to manifesting money into your life with abundance and ease.

Let’s take a closer look.

Understand that Money is Energy

The first point you need to understand is that money is energy. In fact, everything in the universe is energy! The air you breathe, the food you eat, the light you see from the sun, the solid ground at your feet…. All of these are manifestations of energy. It’s science!

Many people have a lot of emotion tied up with money. Popular sayings such as ‘money is the root of all evil’, ‘money changes everything’, and so on reflect unhealthy attitudes towards it. Money is not ‘good’, or ‘bad’… it is an energetic exchange.

Once you understand this, you are already opening up your conscious and subconscious minds to how to manifest it. Scientists dealing with quantum theory have already established that observation and perception affect what our reality is.

To put it simply: our mind tells us what is real.

Our minds determine how the energies around us behave. As money is merely paper, metal, or even machine code that we use as a means of trade, it is our minds that tell us how easy or hard money comes to us.

A good way to start is visualizing money coming to you because YOU ALLOW IT. That is a powerful method of training your subconscious mind to make the universe work toward giving you all the money you would ever want.

how to manifest money into your life

Money is NOT Evil

Here is a sticking point that a LOT of us around the world has been taught since we were children: that money is inherently evil.

This is NOT TRUE.

To put it simply, if you put money above all things instead of what should truly matter, making it the center of your life, then that can certainly have very negative consequences. However, this is different from recognizing that money provides value and a means of gaining what you want for yourself.

Security for your family, your dream home, the ability to travel around the world… it is not wrong to want these things. Money is the method by which we exchange value to attain these and feel our value. Once you appreciate money for what it is, it will be easier for you to manifest money in your life.

Emotion is an Important Element

This is the area where “The Secret” did not completely enlighten people with regard to manifestation. Emotion “charges” the manifestation. This means is that simply imagining and visualizing money with your eyes closed is futile if you do not inject emotion into it.

According to the Law of Attraction, emotion is “energy in motion”.

Without the emotional context, God, the universe, the Source, the Divine, or however you would like to address the creative force in reality, you cannot connect your desire into form.

This is why many fail to manifest the money they want in their lives. Note how this connects with my previous point about knowing that money is not evil. If you disassociate money from evil, it creates a clearer path emotionally for attracting money.

By having a positive emotion connected with money during your visualization rituals, you can exponentially increase your ability to manifest money into your life!

Visualize With Absoluteness

What we just discussed about manifesting money seamlessly connects to my next point. In this case, it is visualizing without any doubt that money is coming to you. Your mindset determines how successful your visualization is. Thus, you should practice manifestation with absolute faith that it has ALREADY HAPPENED.

This is a simple, yet very powerful element of the Law of Attraction. Although it is simple, it takes practice to break through our previous programming about money.

Be honest: how many times have you heard things like “it’s so hard to earn money” or “money doesn’t come from trees”, for instance? These kinds of emotional blockages are what prevent many people from manifesting money into their lives.

So the next time you visualize about manifesting money, do so with the belief and knowledge that it has already come to pass. Do not doubt it even for a second, and the money will flow into your life with absolute certainty.

Distance from the Outcome

Now this might confuse some people, given my previous point about visualizing with absoluteness that money is manifesting into your life. However, this is an important part of the process. Distancing yourself from the outcome involves trusting the universe to do the rest of the work.

The subconscious mind works independently from the conscious mind. So what you have programmed into your subconscious should be allowed to settle and “get to work”.

In essence, in order for the Law of Attraction to succeed in manifesting the money you want in your life, you have to not think about the outcome too hard. Don’t go about worrying or actively waiting for the manifestation to come, because this creates anxiety and doubt. Both of these are negative emotions and as you now know, emotions power our manifestations.

So how can you distance yourself emotionally from the outcome? It’s actually pretty simple.

Immediately after you visualize money coming into your life, do something else that is not connected with that intention. Take a walk, exercise, play games, watch TV, tend to your garden, do other activities that bring you happiness. The Source energy will be working in the background figuring out how to manifest your desired monetary rewards. Trust the process of the Law of Attraction to accomplish your goal.

manifesting money into your life

Final Thoughts

These five important points on how to manifest money into your life are simple, yet very effective. Understanding the nature of the energy of money, not treating it as evil by default, injecting positive emotion in your visualization, practicing that visualization with a perception of absolute certainty, and distancing your thoughts about the outcome are all you truly need to make money manifest in your life.

The power of achieving this money manifestation is within you. Believe in yourself and your divine right to manifest your wealth goals freely as you desire!

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