manifestation magic review

Imagine going to sleep one day, and waking up the next day to discover that everything you’ve always wanted has become your new reality!

The best part? You haven’t done anything except for ONE thing…

You listened to sound frequencies as you slept.

Amazing, right?

Well, that’s what Manifestation Magic promises… but it is really legit?

Can you really change your life just by listening to subliminal messages while you sleep?

I tested Manifestation Magic for 30 days to find out.

And I can’t wait to share my experience with you!

Read my Manifestation Magic review to find out what it is, how it works, and what you get. I’ll also let you know if I think it’s worth the price.

So let’s get started!

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The Law of Attraction

Have you heard of the law of attraction? It tells us that we can attract into our lives whatever we focus our intentions on. If we are super clear and believe the law will provide, then we can attract exactly what we need and want in our lives.

Do you worry about money often? Worrying is like asking for what you do not want. With the law of attraction, you can turn that worry around and actually attract money.

So why are there way more people struggling with finances than there are millionaires? They simply have not learned how to attract money yet. They are stuck in old patterns of limiting beliefs that tell them they will not be rich.

How can we use the attraction law to help us to manifest money, love, peace of mind, the home of our dreams, a brand new car or our dream job? We must learn how to work with our subconscious mind and we must believe that we deserve all that we desire.

Read on to learn about a super powerful program to teach you how to have the life you so desperately desire.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Alexander Wilson has delivered a masterful program called Manifestation Magic to show us how to do just that. With this powerful program, you can begin manifesting in the first twenty-four hours after you purchase it. With a handy app, it can go with you wherever you go so that you can begin immediately.

What makes Alexander’s program different?

There are many gurus who suggest that you need to spend tons of time repeating affirmations and thinking positive thoughts. While these are great tools for training the conscious mind, it is the subconscious mind that works with manifestation.

Alex approaches manifestation at the subconscious level. He will help you raise your vibration to match that which you have clearly defined in your intentions as something that you want right now. Wait, what is my vibration?

Raising Your Vibration

Your personal vibration, sometimes called your frequency, refers to the power of your own energy. This is not the same thing as having energy to go for a walk. This energy refers to your spiritual energy.

If your spiritual energy is high, then you are in a state where you naturally thinking about and being grateful for the wonderful things in your life. You are not thinking about everything that is going wrong or that might go wrong. You are not feeling like your world is crashing in on you.

I know what you are thinking. You are asking yourself how you can possibly focus on the good in your life when the bad far outweighs the good. You are wondering what kind of magic could possibly save you from your own self-destructive mind. Keep reading.

The Conscious Mind VS. the Subconscious Mind

We will first take a look at the conscious mind versus the subconscious mind. The conscious mind gives us a real big helping of our current reality. It is super easy to get stuck in a low vibration is our conscious state because we often see our world as it is, not as it could be.

Our conscious mind is like taking a picture without a filter. All the messy parts that we would love to hide are right there in front of us and we have to deal with them. When it comes time to deal with them, it is much easier to retreat to negative patterns of thought and behavior because we feel defeated before we even begin.

That is why we must focus on our subconscious. The subconscious mind is where all of our negative thoughts come from. They are the whispers we hear in our head that tells us we are not good enough. They tell us we will never have enough money, love or control over our own lives.

None of us mean for our subconscious to act like this, but it has developed patterns over the years. It heard our parents say that money does not grow on trees and eventually believed that money would not be readily available to us. It heard well-meaning adults in our lives tell us that we could not be whatever we wanted to be because we had to be whatever would pay the bills.

Because so many limiting beliefs were stored in our subconscious as children, we cannot just think happy thoughts which occur in our conscious mind and send those limiting beliefs away. We need to reach the subconscious mind and change it.

Energy Orbiting

The best part of Manifestation Magic is that you can do it while you sleep. You will not be adding hours of reading books, completing worksheets or watching endless videos like you have to do with so many other programs about manifestation. His program is delivered mainly through energy orbiting, with audio that you listen to while you sleep.

Energy orbiting will put you into the theta transformation zone, a deep meditative state. This zone is where you can release your limiting beliefs and old negative patterns of thinking. Here you can turn your life around.

We spend most of our day with our brainwaves in the beta state. Our brains are pretty active here and we are operating on a conscious level. When we move to the theta state, our brains are relaxed and ready to work on a subconscious level.

Once you are in the theta transformation zone, this program will deliver expertly designed subliminal commands to you. These commands will replace your negative thought patterns with new, positive thought patterns. When you wake up, you will feel renewed and refreshed.

Instead of thinking that you cannot go on another day, you will look forward to each day. Instead of thinking that you are a failure, you will feel like you accomplish absolutely anything. Not only that, but you will feel like you deserve what you desire.

So, What’s In The Program?

Module 1: The Quickstart Manifestation Guide

The Manifestation Magic program is divided into two main modules. The first one is The Quickstart Manifestation Guide. In this guide you will learn all about how the program works. You will find out about all of the included materials as well as what to expect when you listen while you sleep.

You will also learn how to decide exactly what you want in life as well as how to set clear intentions for manifesting it. You will learn why it is important to match your personal vibration to the same frequency as what you want and how to do just that.

Module 2: Complete Energy Orbiting Autopilot Audio System

The second module of the Manifestation Magic program contains four audios tracks created in collaboration with a world-renowned audio engineer designed to transform your subconscious. These audio tracks will completely change the way you think and feel.

Twilight Transformation

The first track is Twilight Transformation. While you sleep, brainwave technology will take you to a theta state. Through subliminal messages, all of your limiting beliefs about abundance blocks will be removed and will be replaced with beliefs that abundance is on its way to you.

This program is so unique because it reaches a subconscious level and changes old thought patterns. This is not your ordinary self-development. This will not take months or years. It literally begins working overnight.

The Daytime Wealth Activator

The daytime wealth activator track is meant to play while you are awake, doing your ordinary daily routine. It can be playing in the background while you are completing chores, scrolling on your phone or playing video games. This track works in the beta state and reprograms your conscious mind to think differently about wealth so that you will attract it into your life.

The Ten-Minute Meditator 

These tracks will take you into a theta state rather quickly, where you can get meditation results equivalent to an hour of traditional meditation. These are perfect for starting the day or for clearing your head anytime during the day. You will feel at peace, relaxed and ready to move forward with your day.

Bonus # 1: The Chakra Power System

Just listen to one track each day to clear away the major abundance blocks that drain your vibration.

You’ll effortlessly remove hidden:

  • Fears around receiving money
  • Feelings of disempowerment
  • Beliefs about unworthiness
  • Confusion about your purpose and mission in life

And by Day 7… you’ll have turned up the dial on your “gravitational field,” PULLING your greatest desires to your doorstep.

Bonus #2 — 360 Transformation System

This bonus system contains 7 extra “Energy Orbiting” tracks designed to awaken your hidden superpowers. These include…

  • The majestic “Divine Tranquility” track that connects you to your heart and unleashes the “soul mission” you were placed on Earth to accomplish…
  • The eye-opening “Wealth Awakening” track, that opens up your creative ability to effortlessly solve ANY financial challenge in your path…
  • “The Whispering Waves” track that allows you to start thinking and seeing the world just like a Millionaire…

Ready to take action on this? Watch the special presentation at this page and access your exclusive bonuses

What are people saying about Manifestation Magic?

Alexander wants as many people as possible to experience a vibration supercharge, abundance and wealth. He offers his program at an amazing price so that anyone can get started with it right away.

Do not take just my word for it though. Visit this page to hear reviews from scores of people who have had massive success with Manifestation Magic.

Many of these people were feeling such financial distress that they really thought there was no hope, but this program helped them to not just pull out of their financial difficulties but to go on and experience true wealth and abundance.

Guaranteed Results!

You can also experience this kind of success. Alexander does not want anyone to miss the opportunity to try to turn their life around, so he also offers a guarantee.

This is one of the best guarantees I have seen. If you have not received the financial gift you have asked for or at least received a sign that it is on its way, then you can message him for a refund.

Signs come in many forms from invitations to speak at paid events, a meeting with your boss where you are told that you will be promoted next month or even just a billboard with a picture of the car that you are manifesting.

It will be obvious to you when you see it because it will relate to what you have asked for when you completed module one.

Visit this page to watch a special presentation and access these limited time bonuses!

Bonus Rescue Package

Even with great pricing and an awesome guarantee, Alexander offers a few more items to be sure that you will be manifesting all of your greatest desires and thriving as we move forward in rather uncertain times. He calls it his rescue package and it includes four bonuses.

Bonus #1: 10 Minute Earth Healing Sound Bath.

This track will take you onto the same frequency of Mother Earth (7.83HZ). With beautiful sounds to calm and relax you, your fears will diminish. You will sync up with Mother Earth in a harmonious blessing where you will receive guidance and strength.

Bonus #2: Super Immunity Secrets: 7 Research-Backed Keys to Balance, Boost, and Supercharge Your Body’s Immune System

The title says it all. Here you will find Alexander’s top tips to be healthy and strong. He will share with you all of his favorites for fighting off infections, viruses and colds. There is massive value in this piece, particularly as we move forward in more health-conscious ways.

Bonus #3: Surviving and Thriving After Corona: 20 Ways to Manifest Extra Monthly Income Streams

Alexander put together this special report to help us find ways to manifest extra income during these financially challenging times. While Corona has stolen away many of our traditional ways of making money, Alexander has found twenty new ways of generating income.

This is a must-have if you want to have income streams during times when your regular income has been interrupted.

Bonus #4: Receive an Additional 20% Off

This additional savings takes the Manifestation Magic program (values at $432.00) down to $37. In comparison to other programs, this is an absolute steal and it comes with a guarantee. I highly recommend taking advantage of it while it is available.

It is Your Time to Manifest Your Dreams!

The Manifestation Magic program is absolutely amazing all on its own. When you add in the bonuses, it not only amps up the value of the program, but it also gives us the peace to know that we have the tools we need to move forward in life. This peace is worth way more than the price we will pay for the program.

I do not recommend programs that I do not believe in. I absolutely believe in this program, and I know that it will change your life. Living life in abundance and peace instead of living in poverty and fear is something that everyone should experience.

Each and every one of us deserves to live a wonderfully abundant life. No one was brought to Earth to be mediocre or to receive the bare minimum. The only reason so many people do not live an abundant life is because they do not have the tools.

It does not matter where you come from, how much money you have right now or who you know. You can change your life. The key is to believe that you can have anything you want. We all know that it can be incredibly difficult to “just believe” when we have tried so hard for so long without success. That is where Manifestation Magic comes into play.

Manifestation Magic will change negative thought patterns for you. You cannot do that for yourself with your conscious thoughts of reality flooding your belief system. Let the brainwave technology meet your subconscious on the theta level so that you can change your life.

Does it sound too easy? If you research brainwave technology, you will see that it is easy. You need the right tools, and Manifestation Magic will provide them.

Visit this page to be shown a special presentation and access the special offer discounts.

Let your journey begin!

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