manifestation journal

How to Use a Manifestation Journal

In your journey with the Law of Attraction, you will most likely have heard about using a manifestation journal. It is a very common, but powerful, tool for manifesting. In our very busy and tech-oriented world, something as simple as writing down your thoughts with a pen and paper is considered a quaint practice. But it is a very effective ... read more

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universal law of attraction

What is the Universal Law of Attraction?

Over the past 15 to 20 years, there has been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction. From books to online resources, more and more people are becoming aware of the principles behind it. Could it be that people are simply looking for an answer to their goals? Or is it possible that mankind is experiencing the “awakening” ... read more

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how to apply the law of attraction

How to Apply the Law of Attraction Daily

The Law of Attraction never sleeps – the best results happen when you apply the law of attraction daily. Like developing any skill, doing manifestation exercises daily will help you become a master manifestor much sooner than if you did it only occasionally. More focus = better results! You will typically get really good results when you focus on making ... read more

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quantum physics law of attraction

Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction

Many people have tried to master the law of attraction. Some do really well, and others just cannot seem to grasp it. Understanding quantum physics is a huge key to unlocking all of the power of the law of attraction, and it really is not as hard as we think. Let’s briefly explore the relationship between quantum physics and the ... read more

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manifestation magic review

Manifestation Magic Vs 15 Minute Manifestation: Which Is Right For You?

The law of attraction is a universal law that states that we attract whatever we focus on. Regardless of religious belief, nationality or age, every person lives according to the laws that govern the universe… including the Law of Attraction! This law uses the mind’s power to materialize and translate our thoughts and manifest them into our reality. According to ... read more

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how to use the law of attraction

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest What You Want

In recent years, the concept of law of attraction has become more mainstream than ever. Even if you are not familiar with how the law of attraction really works, chances are you may at least heard about it once or twice. Part of the reason why the law of attraction is surging in popularity is due to a book that ... read more

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how to manifest anything

How to Manifest Anything Into Your Life

The law of attraction specifically states that you can manifest the life you want by directing your energy and vibrational frequency towards your desire. We may not realize it, but our thoughts, our energy and our vibration dictates so much of the outcome of our lives. When we focus on the things that can go bad in our lives, we ... read more

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manifestation magic review

Manifestation Magic Review: Does Alexander Wilson’s Program Really Work?

Imagine going to sleep one day, and waking up the next day to discover that everything you’ve always wanted has become your new reality! The best part? You haven’t done anything except for ONE thing… You listened to sound frequencies as you slept. Amazing, right? Well, that’s what Manifestation Magic promises… but it is really legit? Can you really change ... read more

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law of attraction books

20 Law of Attraction Books to Read in 2023

The universe is mysterious and how one person perceives it will be slightly different than another. In the same way, while the Law of Attraction is universal in principle, how it is approached and applied varies.   The basics are the same for everyone. After all, IT IS ALL ENERGY. But because every person has unique experiences and perspectives, the ... read more

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10 law of attraction meditations you can do anywhere

10 Law of Attraction Meditations You Can Do Anywhere

We all know that practicing meditation helps ease stress and calms the mind. But did you know that there’s a link between the Law of Attraction and meditation? Law of Attraction meditations combine both the power of meditation with the focus and emotional state required for successful manifesting. When combining a meditative state with a Law of Attraction focus, the ... read more

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how to manifest money into your life

How To Manifest Money Into Your Life

Money. We all want it. We all need it. In our world, money is the primary means of exchange. But while money is certainly a necessity in life, it’s not always that easy to come by. For those who practice the Law of Attraction, money manifestations can bring amazing results. That being said, some people still find it difficult to ... read more

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how to raise your vibrational frequency

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Have you ever wondered what your vibrational frequency is? Well, let us begin with a simple universal truth: Everything in reality is energy. Yes, everything! People, animals, even plants… we are all energetic beings. We all emit, produce, and consume energy. In fact, everything in our entire existence is part of the electromatic force, which is one of the four ... read more

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