quantum physics law of attraction

Many people have tried to master the law of attraction. Some do really well, and others just cannot seem to grasp it.

Understanding quantum physics is a huge key to unlocking all of the power of the law of attraction, and it really is not as hard as we think.

Let’s briefly explore the relationship between quantum physics and the law of attraction.

Quantum Physics Explained

Many people find quantum physics so difficult to understand that they will not spend five minutes trying to make sense of it, but help is here. Read on to learn how quantum physics can help you with the law of attraction.

First of all, you must believe that nothing is truly solid. This can be difficult for many to understand, but you can start to make sense of it by thinking about other things that do not seem right at first.

Can you see air? No. Is there air all around us? Yes, it is made up of invisible gases. Can you see sound? No. Is sound really there? Yes, it is made up of waves traveling through the invisible gases. We cannot see sound waves because we cannot see the air, yet we know without a doubt that both air and sound are real.

So challenge your brain! If invisible things can be real, then can seemingly solid things be nothing but energy? At this point, you may come up with a dozen reasons to answer that question with a resounding “no”. Instead, let your brain accept the challenge. Let it linger in the possibility long enough to begin believing.

You see, everything is made up of energy. When the energy is packed closely together, it appears to be solid. Quantum physics tells us that this energy is flashing in and out of being in milliseconds, repeatedly. The naked eye cannot see that happen, but it has been proven by physicists who have won the Nobel Prize.

Perhaps it will make more sense if you think about how movies are made. They are comprised of frames that flash at the speed of about twenty-four frames per second. In between those frames is a gap. Our brains are able to fill in that gap based on what they know about movement. We perceive what should happen in that gap, and that is how we interpret what we see.

We see what we interpret the way that we do because our thoughts are holding the energy pattern in the shape of how we perceive it. Based on our five senses, we create perceptions about how things should look or what they should sound like. This is why two people can be in the same place at the same time while having two very different experiences.

quantum physics law of attraction

Even our bodies are simply energy. The systems of the body are made up of tissue and organs, which are comprised of cells. The cells are made up of molecules, which are comprised of atoms. Atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles, and those particles are comprised of energy. In our most basic form, our bodies are energy.

Quantum physics tells us that the energy that we are made up of is observed in the form of a human body, and so that it is what we appear to be. It also tells us that it is the observation of that item that causes it to be there in the way that we observe it.

Our human existence also includes mind and spirit. Without these, the body is just a mass of energy. Likewise, the mind cannot work independently of the body. The mind causes thought, the body causes experience and the spirit ties them together. The spirit is all that is, thus it gives life to the mind and the body.

We must focus on our mind, body and spirit for them to work in unison to give us the life that we desire. Leaving one out will not create the ideal experience. Observation of all three, through intense focus, allows us to use the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction

What we focus on is what will become our reality. This is where the law of attraction comes into play. If quantum physics tells us that our thoughts are putting together and holding together what we see, then our thoughts can certainly change our current reality into something that we have planned out ourselves.

The law of attraction tells us that we will get what we focus on. Your energy will come back to you in the same manner which you sent it out. This concept is actually very freeing once you learn how to use it.

If you do not want anger in your life, then do not send anger out to other people. Yes, it is that simple at its core!

Science tells us that like attracts like. If we want positivity, then we must put out positivity. If we are being negative, then more negativity will find us.

This happens over and over again in our lives, but often we do not take the time to realize that there is a true correlation between our thoughts and what is happening.

Have you ever had a day where everything seems to go wrong? After the first thing that went wrong that day, did you possibly think to yourself, “Oh great! It is going to be one of those days”.

If so, then you sealed your fate with that sentence. You have already decided that it will be one of those days if you expect it to be!

You can change that though. Once you realize that you had that thought, you can turn it around with another thought. Just think about all of the wonderful things that can happen during the rest of the day. Visualize yourself having the best day ever.

Visualization is definitely a key to making the law of attraction work because it helps you to believe what you are thinking. You can think to yourself that you will make twice as much money this month, but it will not happen if you do not believe it. If you are still functioning at a low-energy frequency, where you are down in the dumps, how can a high-energy frequency of abundance find you?

Our frequency, or personal vibration, is an indication of how our energy is being used. If we are being positive and grateful, then our energy vibration is high. That is where you want your vibration to be in order for the law of attraction to work for you.

How to raise your vibration

There are lots of ways to raise your vibration. You can sing songs that are uplifting and have positive meanings to you. You can call a friend or family member who always seems to help you feel amazing by the end of the call. You can participate in activities that make you feel good. For some, this may be playing a sport or vigorous exercise. For others, it may be creating a beautiful piece of art or preparing a delicious meal. You have to find what works for you.

Another good way to raise your vibration is to find a way to be conscious of the choices that you make. All day long we are making decisions, but most of them are just thoughts. We think about what clothes to wear, what to eat, what to watch and when to speak.

We do not think about these things as decisions because they feel pretty automatic. We are so used to making these types of decisions daily that we do not realize they can have an impact on us. The universe does not decide for us if our decision is good or bad. It simply responds by returning the same energy.

For example, while you are deciding what shirt to wear, you may think to yourself that a certain shirt makes you feel fat. The universe does not decide that fat is bad, but it does return the energy associated with fat back to you. This means that even if you ended up choosing a different shirt, you may feel fat all day. You may even feel extra bloated. You can fix this though.

When you catch yourself with those kinds of thoughts, remind yourself that you are creating your reality. If you do not think about fat, then you will not receive fat. Put on a different shirt, think to yourself that you feel absolutely stunning in it, and go on with your day. You will feel good all day in that shirt.

It really is that simple. You must remember to focus on your thoughts and keep your energy high. Then the universe will deliver.

Give yourself the opportunity to believe in something that many others cannot grasp. Give yourself the gift of trying to understand just enough to be able to let the law of attraction help you through tough times, to bring you your heart’s desires and to prove to yourself that you are worth living the best life possible.

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