seeing numbers repeatedly

Have you ever wondered what seeing numbers repeatedly means? Do you often notice the same time on the clock, or during your daily commute? If you feel like certain numbers are “hunting” you lately, perhaps they are trying to tell you something that you may not be aware of.

The symbolic meaning of numbers is something that is widely believed and practiced in the fields of numerology, the law of attraction, spirit communication, and metaphysical sciences in general ever since the ancient times.

Our ancestors used number patterns to build entire empires and receive messages from the universe that would guide them in the right direction. It is also said that Holy books such as the Bible and the Quran use such sacred number sequences in their texts to attach certain coded meanings in their texts and stories.

Today, we don’t see and use these numbers repeatedly to build empires (obviously) or religious parables.  Nevertheless, there is still a message behind each repeat number sequence you see, especially if you’ve seen it multiple times lately in random places such as: car plates, billboard ads, radio songs popping at certain times, bills, price tags, etc.

seeing numbers repeatedly

So, if you see any of the following number sequences, pay close attention as they are trying to tell you something. These are the most common ones:

111, 1:11 or 1111

In numerology, the number 1 is associated with personal confidence, pride, and achievement. The 1 person is a doer who is independent. They do not easily stop until they finally achieve their goals.

When you see a triple or quadruple 1, it means that you have to pay attention to your thoughts and dreams, as you may be manifesting new beginnings in your life that are about to take place very soon. It also means that a spirit guide or positive presence is here to support you.

In a few words: trust your gut and know what you’re currently doing will manifest a new start in your life. Your prayers are listened and will be answered soon.

222, 2:22, or 2222

Number 2 in numerology symbolizes unity, balance of forces, and extremes. Number 2 is feminine by nature and represents all the good qualities that come with female energies: loving kindness, care, nurturing, flexibility and deep intuition.

When you therefore see this number, your angels and the universe are trying to send you a message of unity and love. It may also mean that you have to choose between two things and your final choice will greatly determine the course of your life.

In a few words: love and trust yourself and use your intuition to make the right decision. A strong female presence may be around you for loving support.

333, 3:33, or 3333

The number 3 in numerology symbolizes communication with others, creativity, entertainment, and a childlike spirit. Traditionally, this number represents the Empress in the Tarot, the gentle loving yet powerful force that is the epitome of gentle female power.

The 3 person is characterized by impulsiveness and abundance of energy, however, their lack of stability and responsibility may sometimes lead them to unfavourable situations.

If you see this number, the universe and your guides are trying to send you the message that you have the power and energy to live the joyful life that you deserve. It also means that ascended masters are near and helping you attain your higher purpose.

In a few words: get out more and explore new possibilities. Seek company of others and ask for advice. On rare occasions, this may signify the coming of male child.

repeating numbers

444, 4:44 or 4444

Number 4 in numerology is masculine by nature and embodies stability, power, and authority. The 4 person is self-reliant, patient and calculative, planning carefully all their actions and rarely if ever leaving things in random.

Because of their consistent and faithful efforts and plans, 4 people often enjoy lasting success and recognition by others. Therefore, when you see this number it often means that you will enjoy the fruits of your faithful efforts in your work/career. If you keep working the same manner, success and recognition are very near.

In a few words: Your actions and goals in your professional life are being supported and guided by your higher self and spirit guides. If you are a female, listen to the advice of an older and established male in your circle.

555, 5:55, or 5555

In numerology, number 5 signifies transformation and great ability to understand and accept the shifts that life brings, as a part of a deep spiritual journey and growth. The 5 person is a loving and forgiving person that doesn’t fall into the trap of judging others or even themselves for any mishaps that may encounter in life. They are open-minded and very tolerant of others’ quirks and opinions, even if they sometimes clash with theirs.

With that being said, when you see 3 or 4 fives in a sequence, this is a sign that a change is coming to your life and you need to accept it as means to achieve your higher purpose. Nurture your creative gifts and use these as a means to help bring this change faster into your reality.

In a few words: An important life change is coming e.g marriage, new job, etc. Know that even if this change is unpleasant for you, it happens for a higher reason.

seeing the same numbers

666,6:66, or 6666

6 as a master number in numerology is associated with balance, being in the middle, and love for ourselves and others. This is the number of healers and people that work in caring services by choice. Needless to say, 6 people are very empathetic and compassionate and will not hesitate to use their talents to help those in need.

They will not tolerate social injustice and will do anything to change such imbalance. When you see 666 or 6666, this is a sign that you must shift your focus and life priorities to something more positive and avoid making decisions out of fear or worry. Your thoughts may be out of balance but don’t fear–you have the power and confidence to change them.

In a few words: banish negativity and balance out your thoughts. Enjoy what you already have and do acts of gratitude and selflessness.

The above number sequences are the most commonly seen by people, however, you may rarely see other number sequences that may also try to tell you something. Here is the message in brief that these numbers may carry:

777 -release your fears and find your inner strength to move on in life. Pay attention to your dreams during sleep.

888 -infinite blessings in your love life and finances are surrounding you. Do not ignore your ideas for change, they will lead to something greater.

999 -A cycle of your life is nearly complete. You have the power to pass all obstacles and begin a new life.

1212 -Don’t be afraid to dream big. The universe and your guides are fully supporting your dreams and aspirations.

2020 -your limits and blockages are only placed by yourself. Show more affection and care for others as you may achieve more with unity rather than with solitude.

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