Bedtime meditations

5 Bedtime Meditations for a Good Night’s Rest

Having difficulties with sleeping is not uncommon. And no, it’s not only due to chronic insomnia. These sleeping problems can have many reasons. So you might want to take 10 to 15 minutes to practice bedtime meditations for a good night’s rest. If you have never practiced meditation at any length before, read on as we take you through the ... read more

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manifestation journal

How to Use a Manifestation Journal

In your journey with the Law of Attraction, you will most likely have heard about using a manifestation journal. It is a very common, but powerful, tool for manifesting. In our very busy and tech-oriented world, something as simple as writing down your thoughts with a pen and paper is considered a quaint practice. But it is a very effective ... read more

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how to manifest anything

How to transform your life in 30 days

30 days is not a long time at all. It is the average length of a month, give or take a day, depending on the time of year. 30 days will come and go before you even realize it. And yet, it seems like a lot of time when you are working on something, as in the case of improving ... read more

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law of attraction books

20 Law of Attraction Books to Read in 2023

The universe is mysterious and how one person perceives it will be slightly different than another. In the same way, while the Law of Attraction is universal in principle, how it is approached and applied varies.   The basics are the same for everyone. After all, IT IS ALL ENERGY. But because every person has unique experiences and perspectives, the ... read more

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How to Love Yourself Again

Do you ever feel like you don’t like who you’ve become? Have you ever felt that you deserved the mess that you think your life is in? Did you feel ashamed at doing the wrong thing? If you ever find it hard to love yourself, you are not alone. Sometimes it just seems like loving yourself is the hardest thing ... read more

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